Rate cuts before the year’s end could make your next trip abroad more expensive

The U.S. Federal Reserve may start cutting interest rates before year’s end. That could make future trips abroad more expensive for the nation’s travelers. That’s due to how interest-rate policy affects the strength of the U.S. dollar. Here’s the basic idea: An environment of rising U.S. interest rates relative to those in other nations is generally “dollar positive,” said […]

Pepsi and Delta say consumers are hunting for value

Post-pandemic consumer splurging is rapidly coming to a halt, according to two widely followed U.S. companies — more evidence that the U.S. economy is likely in for a period of slower economic growth. Pepsi and Delta Air Lines both offered subdued financial outlooks as they reported quarterly earnings Thursday, and both cited the same reason: […]

As inflation cools, Social Security could pay out a smaller COLA increase

Price growth is cooling across the economy. While that is good news for consumers, the timing of this progress on inflation could end up short-changing seniors and other Social Security recipients when they learn their annual cost-of-living increase later this year. According to the latest estimate from The Senior Citizens League, which regularly forecasts Social […]

Fed Chair Powell says holding rates high for too long could jeopardize economic growth

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Tuesday expressed concern that holding interest rates too high for too long could jeopardize economic growth. Setting the stage for a two-day appearance on Capitol Hill this week, the central bank leader said the economy remains strong as does the labor market, despite some recent cooling. Powell cited some easing in […]

People are earning more from side gigs and needing them less

Side hustlers are hustling a little less but making more when they do. About 36% of U.S. adults say they make extra money from a side job beyond their main source of income, according to a survey the consumer finance platform Bankrate released Wednesday. That’s down from 39% last year, when side-hustlers were earning a […]

Barcelona protesters throw items and spray travelers with water while shouting ‘tourists go home’

Millions flock to Barcelona, Spain, every year to enjoy a sweet taste of idyllic European life. But over the weekend, thousands of people marched through the streets and sprayed visitors with water guns in outrage over mass tourism. Protesters clapped and chanted “tourists go home!” and carried signs with anti-tourist slogans, arguing that the flood of […]

Walmart is opening five automated distribution centers as it tries to keep its grocery dominance

Walmart said Wednesday that it will open five automated distribution centers for fresh food across the country, as the retailer chases efficiency and its online grocery business grows. The discounter’s new facilities are roughly 700,000 square feet on average. Chilled and frozen areas have automation that stores and retrieves perishable items, such as strawberries and frozen […]