Get to Know P&G President Geraldine Huse, CB’s Inaugural Leader-in-Residence

(Photo: Courtesy of Procter & Gamble) Canadian Business is relaunching in fall 2021, building on its platform as a trusted media brand and social network for the country’s fastest growing companies and their innovative leaders, who are changing Canada for the better. Canadian Business gives these leaders — and those who want to learn from […]

The 2020 Growth Awards Winners

Every year, Canadian Business has highlighted the entrepreneurial leaders of Canada through the the Growth List–a ranking of established businesses on five-year revenue growth and startups on two-year revenue growth. Formerly known as the Growth 500, the Growth List and Start-Up List winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with […]

She was a farmworker. Her grandson is a Lyft driver. A fight for workers’ rights unites them

More than 40 years ago, Maria Cardona laid her livelihood on the line to demand change in the hot central California fields where she picked grapes and other produce for $1.75 per hour. Cardona, now 80 years old, was tired of how farmworkers like her were treated – the low wages, the backbreaking labor, the […]

Fifty hours spent trying to get Vodafone to fix my vital broadband

I’ve had no home broadband for the past four months and have spent more than 50 hours trying to resolve this with Vodafone. It’s made lockdown extremely difficult as I’ve been working from home and need to keep in touch with my family who are abroad. I’ve been variously told by Vodafone that it needs […]

OnePlus 8T review: slick phone fully charges in just 37 minutes

The OnePlus 8T replaces the OnePlus 8 released just six months ago, with a flatter and faster screen and incredibly quick charging. The smartphone costs GBP549 or GBP649 depending on storage and sits between the mid-range GBP379 OnePlus Nord and top-end GBP799 OnePlus 8 Pro. The design of the 8T has more in common with […]

Facebook and Twitter restrict controversial New York Post story on Joe Biden

Facebook and Twitter took steps on Wednesday to limit the spread of a controversial New York Post article critical of Joe Biden, sparking outrage among conservatives and stoking debate over how social media platforms should tackle misinformation ahead of the US election. In an unprecedented step against a major news publication, Twitter blocked users from […]

Josh Earl: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

Hello the internet. The Information Super Highway. The World Wide Web. You really are the best. Yes, I know you are also the worst but I am old enough to remember when you weren’t around, and if you think the internet is a horrible place well I dare you to go live in a time […]

Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini could mark end of giant smartphone era

Apple unveiled its new range of iPhones on Tuesday and analysts suggested its biggest success of the season could be its smallest new product: the iPhone 12 Mini. It will be Apple’s smallest flagship iPhone since the iPhone 6, which was introduced in 2014, and tech experts said it could mark an about-turn in the […]

Nintendo’s new remote-control toy brings real Mario Kart races home

Mario Kart has been a family favourite since the early 1990s thanks to its potent combination of cute characters, speedy but simple racing and an array of red shells, banana skins and other eye-wateringly unfair tools of playful sabotage. Nintendo’s latest experiment in the toy world, made in collaboration with Velan Studios, is an actual […]

Amazon to escape UK digital services tax that will hit smaller traders

Amazon will not have to pay the UK’s new digital services tax on products it sells directly to consumers but small traders who sell products on its site will face increased charges. The tax, which aims to get tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook to pay more tax in the UK, is forecast […]