The evolution of Mike Johnson on Ukraine

When the House passed a $40 billion emergency funding bill for Ukraine in May 2022, support for Ukraine was largely still a bipartisan issue. But a little-known conservative congressman from Louisiana was one of the 57 Republicans to oppose it. Now, just six months after his unlikely elevation to speaker of the House, Mike Johnson […]

Kennedy family members’ embrace carries deeper meaning for Biden

Growing up in a proud Irish Catholic middle-class family, Joe Biden’s family idolized the Kennedys. They saw the Kennedys — successful, wealthy, attractive Irish Catholics — as the embodiment of the American Dream. Biden says Robert F. Kennedy Sr., whose bust sits in the Oval Office, inspired him to become a public defender and ultimately […]

Proud Boys appear at Trump rally, drawing condemnation from Biden

WILMINGTON, N.C. — At least 10 men wearing the uniform of the Proud Boys, a violent extremist group, appeared outside the entrance of a rally here for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, prompting condemnation from President Biden’s campaign. The men — wearing black and yellow shirts, hats and masks identifying them as Proud Boys — […]

House passes foreign aid bill, sending help to Ukraine and Israel

The House passed a sweeping $95 billion package Saturday to aid foreign allies amid global threats, showcasing broad support for America’s role in the world in a risky push by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), whose far-right flank is threatening to oust him for the action. In the vote’s immediate aftermath, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) […]