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L-R: Mary Anne Felix, PMD-AVP, ICS; William Chua, SVP, ICS; Sharon McNeil, Senior Manager, Channel Services ANZ & SA, Dell; Rache Resurreccion, Partner Account Manager, Dell; Carlos Ubaldo, Dell Technologies Services Business Development Manager; and Lybie De Leon, Product Manager, ICS (Taken at the ICS head office in 2019)

By Angela Kiara S. Brillantes

As technology has continued to evolve, the acceleration of digital transformation within organizations has helped them adapt more quickly and easily to the new normal. Consequently, the integration of digitalization into enterprises has increased business operations’ efficiency and continuity.

In line with this shift, Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS) has been offering a range of digital solutions that equip enterprises with the necessary tools they need for a meaningful digital transformation, from cloud technology, virtualization, data center infrastructure, networking, mobility, to end-user computing.

Cloud solutions

Cloud technology is a vital tool used for remote settings. According to ICS, their cloud solutions provide a safer way of storing and managing data. It provides data protection, allows easy user access, detects ransomware, and includes centralized backup technology. Thanks to cloud computing technology, business operations can be conveniently conducted online. The technology helps improve and modernize business operations, as well as contribute to more robust and long-term growth, according to global professional services company Accenture.

While the shift to digital transformation brings many benefits to the business sector, it also means that companies can be vulnerable to cybercrimes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in cybercrime, putting organizations and institutions at risk of cyberattacks.

To help companies increase their cybersecurity, ICS offers secure cloud solutions for the backup, archiving, storing, and recovery of organizational software and data.

ICS has enhanced its cloud solutions to maximize the use and access of cloud applications. ICS created effective cloud solutions to enhance the IT infrastructure of users, including VMware technology, Microsoft Azure, Dell technology, Verint Threat Protection System (TPS), and Web Intelligence.

As a leading virtualization platform, VMware technology helps build cloud infrastructure and develop software for virtualization. VMware technology enables features like data recovery and protection and scalability for all businesses. It provides connectivity and security across all cloud applications, as well as modernizing infrastructure and applications.

On the other hand, Microsoft Azure enables users to create, manage, and deploy applications across a vast global network, helping address business challenges. Microsoft Azure is a “hybrid multi-cloud, on-premises solution” that adapts to the needs of a business. Moreover, it also includes future-ready features supporting the goal of your company, lets you customize the software on your own, a seamless hybrid cloud operation, and enables reliable security.

One of the simplest routes to a hybrid cloud is through the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform. It helps organizations keep their hybrid cloud operations easier, more efficient, and more automated. It also enables users to run traditional workloads to the cloud-native applications while eliminating IT silos and reducing sprawl.

Verint Threat Protection System provides a new way to protect software against sophisticated and persistent cyber threats by identifying and verifying attacks and quickening the transition from detection to response.


Network security solutions will help enterprises protect themselves from data breaches and keep the enterprises safe while operating effectively. It is essential that digital data is protected from unauthorized access and corruption of data security.

ICS offers the use of a redundant network and a more coherent firewall with a plan that extends to at least five years beyond the termination of its support. In terms of network and security features, ICS has now given their clients five years of dependable and effective operation that includes internal and remote users being protected from malware, malicious URL domains, gateway-level viruses, and numerous cyberattacks and intrusions thanks to the Unified Threat Protection (UTP license).

ICS management team at the ICS 40th anniversary celebration at Manila Marriott Hotel in February 2018


Ensuring the proper functioning of IT systems is a crucial aspect of any enterprise, and virtualization can help achieve this effectively. By utilizing virtualization technology, companies can protect themselves from potential threats such as viruses and system failures that could negatively impact the enterprise. This is especially important when testing new software or building programs, as virtualization can help identify and isolate potential issues before they become a problem.

Data center consolidation, infrastructure design’s flexibility and availability, and upgrading or refreshing other assets are some of the challenges experienced in virtualization.

To address these challenges, ICS offers the HPE SimpliVity Solution — a hyper-converged platform that optimizes operations by merging infrastructures, data services, and AI-driven operations. In efforts to provide enhanced virtualization solutions, ICS provides ready nodes (ScaleIO, Microsoft, and VMware) that will help in simplify management, improve storage efficiency, address the data requirements, and minimize costs.

Moreover, ICS also has Zero Client Series, in which they provide “diverse working styles and environment, simplify security and scalability with easy deployment and remote management, and offer inherent software and connect, collaborate, and work securely anywhere.”

These solutions, ICS shared, were successful in transforming a client’s IT infrastructure into a more adaptable environment that helps meet business goals. The hyper-converged products give users control in an easier procedure through virtualization using the technology.


In the digital age, business performance depends on more than just manpower and resources. For seamless operation, a strong and well-designed network infrastructure is also necessary. It is crucial for business operations since, without it, users may experience security issues.

Thus, ICS proposes exchanging the network for Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). VLAN makes multiple networks, which makes it stable and avoids congestion. Using VLAN means safer data security, which reduces risks from both inside and outside the network. Internally, dividing users into different groups enhances security and privacy, thus, external risks are also being reduced.

According to ICS, after the use of VLAN, users now have quick and reliable network connectivity. This means that VLANs help to increase the network’s reliability by providing automatic backup options in case of device or connection failure. With this kind of network design, if a network device or connection fails, business operations can still continue uninterrupted since the backup physical device will take over automatically without needing human interference. Additionally, using VLAN as a network management system allows users to easily verify the health status of the device in real-time, giving them greater control over the network’s performance and ensuring that issues can be resolved quickly.


To enhance the digital experience in the workspace, ICS has also worked on providing mobility solutions to its users. These mobility solutions are digital tools and services that help business enterprises in giving their employees to have secure access to company data and procedures and at the same time enable a top-notch digital experience that won’t interfere with business operations and productivity.

Despite the increase in technology, today’s mobility management and security still present a number of difficulties in operations, including a lack of centralized inventory for iOS devices and the need for more effective mobile management and security solutions within the company.

But acknowledging these difficulties move businesses closer to strategic change, and as a solution for mobile management and security, ICS presents Workspace One, a digital workspace platform that can “access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management.” With Workspace One, onboarding configuration, device and data security, asset inventory management, and remote support are all possible.

End-user computing

End-user computing comprises utilizing various systems required for adequate business operations. In order to increase efficiency, these technologies are combined into a single platform that is flexible and easily manageable.

A business process outsourcing company, for instance, faced challenges such as a global material shortage that resulted in computers and devices, a lack of cost-efficient devices, and the need for monitoring and managing devices within the company.

To address these issues, ICS enhanced previous desktop models, modernized them and made it sustainable as possible. ICS processed and delivered approximately thousands of desktop units, coupled with repair and maintenance services. These devices, given to project-based agents, enabled the client to minimize expenses and meet the demands of the workforce.

Product under this category include laptops, desktops, and workstations from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Imaging and printing products also fall under this category.

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