Ninja Van Philippines and TikTok Shop collaborate to develop local live sellers

LOGISTICS company Ninja Van Philippines collaborated with TikTok Shop to develop local live sellers amid the surge in electronic commerce.

Ninja Van said in a statement on Thursday that it recently conducted the “Going Viral on TikTok Shop: Secrets to Boost Sales and Achieve Success Your Way” event with TikTok Shop, which advised sellers to utilize social media platforms in improving their businesses.

Gregorio Gabriel, Jr., TikTok Shop seller acquisition manager, said that sellers should utilize the surge in shopping entertainment or shoppertainment. 

“From its usual linear progression, shoppertainment has blurred and jumbled all the stages of the consumer journey. In TikTok Shop, a consumer can be discovering a brand while already participating in the product discussions or reviews via video comments or replies,” Mr. Gabriel said.

TikTok Shop also features an affiliate program, which has creator matching that could help improve live sellers.

“We will help find for any business or brand the right creator that can best help them grow,” he added.

Ninja Van Philippines Chief Commercial Officer Sabina Lopez-Vergara said that live sellers are also faced with the decision of choosing their courier partner.

She added that Ninja Van has 100% network coverage across the country and offers real-time parcel tracking to sellers and shoppers.

“Optimizing pages and content on TikTok Shop is just one part of the process, as sellers need to ensure that their customers get their purchases on time. Selecting the right courier partner is therefore another crucial business decision that sellers make,” Ms. Lopez-Vergara said. 

“Whether it’s parcel pickup, returns, or cash-on-delivery remittance, a Ninja Van account manager is just a call or message away for you,” she added.

Jungie Gumiran, AdsLevelUp chief executive officer, said that optimizing the product pages of live sellers is important in converting ad and page views to sales.

“Your product page should tell everything a customer needs to know to help them make a decision to buy,” Mr. Gumiran said.

Ninja Van has a presence in six countries namely, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. The logistics company is aiming to expand its learning opportunities for micro, small, and medium enterprises. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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