AEB readies warehouse management system for PHL

GERMAN logistics software company AEB is set to launch a new warehouse management system for the Philippines as part of its expansion efforts in the country.

“The Philippines is the first country that we’re launching it in. It’s the only country we’re launching it in at this point in time,” Frans Kok, general manager of AEB Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd., said on the sidelines of a media briefing in Taguig City on Tuesday.

The new system is designed to manage warehouse operations and customize business processes for “next-level warehouse automation.”

“This will be launched in other countries at a later point in time,” Mr. Kok said in an interview.

“We have a significant customer base here using the previous generation software,” Mr. Kok said. “We felt that the Philippine market would really be able to use this solution.”

The launch will be on Wednesday at the Supply Chain Trilogy 2023 technology conference. Two customers are already awaiting the launch, he said.

“One is a large distributor of frozen meats and the other customer is a large distributor or storage facility of condiments. We are implementing the solution this year in Filipino companies,” Mr. Kok said.

This year, AEB is aiming to implement the new system in two to four companies, he said.

“But we’ve carefully picked these customers as we would not just implement the software but also learn from these implementations. We specifically picked these customers to work with as they could also give us the experience of the first said launches,” Mr. Kok said.

Mr. Kok also said that AEB’s new warehouse management system could help the country’s food security efforts because of streamlined logistics.

“Things can be stored longer. The quality can be maintained. For the farmer, there’s a higher payback in return. But also, for the Filipino consumer, it means that the price is much more stable because it’s not that much influenced by the season,” he said.

The Supply Chain Trilogy 2023 conference at BGC Arts Center in Taguig City will showcase the latest trends in supply chain and intralogistics, warehouse automation, productivity solutions, material handling solutions, warehouse management systems, and supply chain sustainability.

The event will also feature the latest technology, innovation and strategies, the future of the cold chain industry, government initiatives in supply chain and logistics, and practical insights and case studies.

“This conference aims to establish a platform that provides fresh insights, industry updates, and the latest technology to businesses, supply chain leaders, and logistics professionals to drive business growth,” Mr. Kok said.

AEB entered the Philippine market in 2016 and officially formed a Philippine team in June last year to handle local operations. Some of the company’s customers are Royale Cold Storage, South Alps Cold Storage, Starkson Logistics, Starkson Packaging, and 3M Dragon Logistics. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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