Venice Biennale to honor British musician Brian Eno

BRITISH music producer Brian Eno addresses a news conference of the Starmus Festival V in Zurich, Switzerland June 24, 2019. — REUTERS

ROME — Brian Eno, the renowned British musician and visual artist who has worked with Talking Heads, U2, and David Bowie, will receive the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement from the Venice Biennale 2023, the organizer said on Wednesday.

Mr. Eno, 74, who describes himself as a “non-musician,” came to prominence in the early 1970s as a founding member of the band Roxy Music. He is best known for his contributions to ambient music and work in rock, pop, and electronica.

The music department of the Venice Biennale decided to honor Mr. Eno “for his research into the quality, beauty and diffusion of digital sound and for his conception of the acoustic space as a compositional instrument,” the statement said.

Eno will be given the award at a ceremony on Oct. 22 as part of Biennale Musica 2023 in Venice. — Reuters

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