PHL healthcare sector sees 11% online hiring growth in January — report


Online hiring in the Philippine healthcare sector grew by 11% in January compared to December 2022, indicating a recovering job market, according to the latest foundit Insights Tracker report.

“The healthcare sector witnessed the steepest monthly growth… as health remains a top priority across rural and urban areas in the country, especially post-Covid, and fast-paced innovations have made accessibility to healthcare easier for Filipinos,” talent platform foundit said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the company, there has been a consistent need for medical personnel in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, there was a 4% increase in overall hiring activity in the country on a month-on-month basis.

“Despite the 7% annual drop in e-recruitment activity, the month-on-month increase in hiring is a testimony to the reviving job market in the Philippines,” the foundit report said. “However, the emphasis remains on re-skilling and upskilling employees to thrive in current market dynamics.”

The Philippine job market is showing resilience, with positive momentum month over month, according to foundit Chief Executive Officer Sekhar Garisa.

“As businesses across various sectors pivot and incorporate technological innovations, the job market is experiencing a significant boost, particularly in the healthcare, retail, and IT industries,” he said.

Such sectors, he also said, are witnessing tremendous growth and creating new employment opportunities. 

The Philippines’ “robust supply chain and thriving service sector have added to this positive momentum,” he added.

According to the report, other sectors that showcased promising growth in January are logistics, shipping, and transportation (+7%), retail (+3%), hospitality (+3%), and IT/telecom (+3%). 

“The rise in e-commerce platforms, internet penetration across the country and increasing demand for industrial freight warehouses can be credited to the rising demand in these sectors,” the foundit report said.

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