Philippines ranks 4th largest in citrus market

We have seen the world grind to a halt in the first 2 years of the pandemic, but in 2022, economies started to open up, especially when restrictions started to ease up across the country,

With this, Filipino consumers are coming out in record numbers – and the fresh produce section is again filled with buyers picking their best possible choice of fresh produce of the season, with added intent to increase vitamin intake. This also comes after the government’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) reiterated its call to follow the “Pinggang Pinoy” healthy diet, which requires the consumption of at least 400 grams or five portions of fruits and vegetables daily, as these are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals that help prevent diseases.”

This market opportunity came at a great time for Hort Innovation, the Australian grower-owned organization, as it has been on the forefront in advocating for bigger and regular consumption for fresh produce.

Its marketing campaign aptly called ‘Grown in Good Nature’– brings to life how Australia’s ‘good nature’, both in environment and disposition as people, allows them to grow the best produce in the world – and with their presence in the country, it is now more accessible to  Filipino consumers.

Australia has consistently delivered premium crops to the Philippines year in and out, bringing only high-quality produce straight from their pristine orchards. David Daniels, General Manager of Citrus Australia, revealed in last year’s media launch that “the Philippines ranks as Australia’s fourth largest citrus market. In 2012, we exported a single container of oranges —to the Philippines, just 26 tonnes. Last year (2021), we reached a record trade volume of 15,000 tonnes in mandarins and oranges. And that was despite major challenges with labor and disruptions to the supply chain.”

The ‘Grown in Good Nature’ campaign covered strategic programs with 9 major retail partners – covering 148 outlets.  The program delivered an average sales growth of 53%, a solid proof of the growing acceptance of Australian produce.

As the programs were geared towards cementing the presence of Australian Oranges while making the new campaign visible, several activities were lined up such as the successful event launch attended by partners and media, which was instrumental in getting a new partnership with Metro Supermarket; in-store POS displays across 150 stores nationwide, sampling promotions of about 360 days coupled with 180 days of push selling and visibility with media.

These efforts would not have been possible without the full support of Austrade. The horticulture sub-brand ‘Grown in Good Nature’ was created in support of Austrade’s effort to unify all Australian products under an umbrella brand, ‘Australia’s Nation Brand’, while still allowing industries to establish their presence.

For 2023, the momentum continues as  fresh new harvests from their farms, starting with Australian Table Grapes, kicks off the season in April, during the Philippine summer.

For more information, check out Hort’s LinkedIn page at to know more about the upcoming campaigns.

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