[EXPLAINER] How to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats

Steven Scheurmann, vice president for Southeast Asia at Palo Alto Networks, talks about the vulnerability of critical infrastructure such as online banking networks, manufacturing operations, and air traffic control systems to cyber threats, and the reasons why they are often targeted.

He also shares insights into how we can protect them as the Philippines transitions into a digital economy.

According to Palo Alto Networks’ 2023 cybersecurity predictions for the Asia-Pacific region, systems undergoing 5G adoption will be vulnerable, from the medical space to manufacturing.

“Have you quantified where you are in cybersecurity, what your exposure is, where you could be compromised? Not every organization has done this,” said Mr. Scheurmann.

Interview and text: Bronte H. LacsamanaVideography: Joseph Emmanuel L. GarciaVideo editing: Earl R. Lagundino

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