Legarda says creative innovation can start at the local government level 


A SENATOR on Tuesday said the government, specially at the local level, should focus on promoting creative innovation to strengthen Philippine competitiveness and recovery. 

“It will be innovation, research and development, and the knowledge economy that will empower each and every Filipino, as we recover from the challenges of the last few years,” Senator-elect Lorna Regina “Loren” B. Legarda said during the Innovations in Public Engagement Conference on Tuesday.  

She said innovation will not only improve livelihoods but also help address the climate crisis.  

“Tackling the climate emergency will require innovation in many areas: design, finance, partnerships, philanthropy, and international cooperation, to name a few,” she said.  

Innovation will also enhance approaches to production, allowing farmers, fisherfolk and indigenous people to implement science-based solutions, she said.  

The country can begin at the local level where the simple adaptation of measures will spell a bigger difference, the lawmaker said.   

“They are the ones who know most about their landscape, their situation, and needs. This kind of knowledge, integrated appropriately into decision making, helps ensure that public policy decisions are optimal for the community and best fit current conditions and needs.” — Alyssa Nicole O. Tan

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