Starting a smart education business opportunity

Kumon Philippines, Inc. (KPI), one of the leading education franchises in the country and abroad, provides a rewarding career and profitable business to its Franchisee-Instructors.

The global business arena has seen strong franchises make their mark in their respective industries. As these enterprises show steady growth and expand overseas, they appeal to discerning local entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for profitable and worthwhile franchise opportunities. 

In the field of education franchising, one of the most well-established franchises in the Philippines and across the world is Kumon. Kumon was able to establish its name in the franchise arena as they have provided and continue to provide top-notch and consistent support needed to build a rewarding career and profitable education business.

A leading franchise 

Before being one of the top global education franchises, Kumon began with its founder, Toru Kumon, a gifted math teacher, who hoped to improve his son’s math abilities, devising what is now distinctively known as the Kumon Method of Learning. He eventually sought to develop the potential of more children in a similar way, leading him to establish the first Kumon Center in Osaka, Japan, in 1958. 

Since then, the Kumon Method has evolved and grown with millions of Franchisee-Instructors in different regions of the world. The Kumon franchise now extends to 65 countries, including Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, and more. Kumon reached the Philippines in 1996, where its franchise has grown with over 300 Kumon Centers across the country.

The Kumon Franchise advantage

Kumon Franchisee-Instructors are guaranteed support even before the start of operations, to the setting up of the business, until Centers are operational, and beyond.

Helping assure that franchisees can earn from their education business, Kumon provides a well-researched List of Open Areas, showing ideal locations with growth potential.

Would-be Kumon Franchisee-Instructors undergo hands-on training under Kumon Philippines, Inc.’s (KPI) Franchise arm to maintain the top-notch quality of the Kumon Method of Learning. The online training also includes business strategies for owning and operating a Kumon Center. The training is conducted online for the safety and convenience of prospective franchisees.

Thriving amidst the pandemic, KPI ensures the safety of its Franchisee-Instructors by providing hands-on online training on center management, instruction, and other continuous online learning opportunities.

Further ensuring the steady growth of Centers, Kumon Associates and Area Development Managers also provide consistent support in administering the Kumon Programs and managing the Centers. 

While Kumon Franchisees can capitalize on Kumon being a successful global brand and a household name in the education business, KPI couples this by providing consistent and aggressive communication and marketing support.

The uniqueness of the Kumon Method itself makes the franchise a promising opportunity. Unlike competitors, whose services are seasonal, the demand for Kumon and its enrollment is year-round, and its programs are long-term. Students stay long-term as they improve and work through the program levels. This uniqueness poses financial stability, builds strong customer loyalty, and stirs a sense of fulfillment for the Franchisee-Instructor. 

As a franchisor placing the highest respect for Kumon Instructors, the Kumon group enhances franchisees’ personal and professional growth and development by exposing them to different learning opportunities in the Philippines and abroad. They are given the opportunity to join continuing training, meetings, and seminars and build a network with Kumon franchisees from all over the globe.

Kumon continues to establish itself as the leading afterschool program and education franchise in the Philippines and abroad. The company’s steady growth can be attributed to its reputation in the industry and solid partnership with stakeholders, particularly its current and potential Franchisee-Instructors.

Franchising with Kumon provides support and an opportunity to be part and grow with a renowned global brand — all while helping children discover and develop their potential, which could empower them to reach their dreams and goals. 

Build a profitable and fulfilling education business venture with Kumon now:

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