The Final Pitch looking for investor-judges for new ASEAN edition

AFTER seven successful seasons in the Philippines, business reality TV show The Final Pitch is expanding to the rest of the region via The Final Pitch ASEAN (TFPA) which will feature high-growth startups and strategic investors from Southeast Asia. The show is now searching for business leaders to represent select Southeast Asian countries as investor-judges in the show.

They are looking for investor-judges from Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam who can make investments in startups that want to scale up and expand to their home countries.

“They have to be in a position to be able to invest in high-growth companies but at the same time will serve as strategic partners for the expansion of any scale-up that wants to enter their respective countries. They have to be successful diversified family conglomerates or seasoned investors looking at investing in mostly series A and up startups,” The Final Pitch creator and host John Aguilar said in a statement.

Apart from gaining access to a pipeline of some of the best startups across the region, the investor-judges will also have the opportunity to showcase their countries and respective businesses through the show.

The show will start selecting investor-judge candidates from each country within the next two months through a regional roadshow. To be considered as a TFPA investor-judge, interested parties may e-mail or contact the show at 0917-656-9215.

Mr. Aguilar stated that the ASEAN version will follow the same format as the Philippine edition.

“The world is looking at Southeast Asia as an emerging tech region. There are so many challenges here but there are also many opportunities. And there are a growing number of future unicorns that are being born as we speak. We are looking at expediting their exponential growth across Southeast Asia with TFPA,” Mr. Aguilar said.

The show is scheduled to start filming in the fourth quarter of 2022. Apart from the investor-judges and the companies presenting themselves to them, The Final Pitch ASEAN is also looking for brand and broadcast partners in the aforementioned countries.

Mr. Aguilar hopes to bring the show’s format to the region as a stepping stone in a long-term goal to license the show across these different countries. — MAPS

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