More micro retailers opening in Eton Centris

ETON PROPERTIES is seeing an increase in micro retailers opening physical stores at Eton Centris in Quezon City. Eton Properties Chief Operating Officer Karlu Tan Say said there are signs the retail sector is “gaining pace” but has adapted to the “new normal.”

“Most commercial tenants prefer units with smaller cuts to complement their e-commerce strategies and save on operational costs. With the retail sector as one of the hardest hit in this ongoing pandemic, we’re pleased to see this boost in market confidence as we enter the second half of 2021,” she said in a statement.

Three new physical stores opened in Eton Centris this month, namely Brother’s Burger at Centris Cyberpod 3 and Chizmozza and Glory’s Empanada, which are both located in Centris Station.

Nine more retail stores set to open in the next few months. These include Bella Moda, Coco Fresh Tea and Juice, Glimpse, Nicatto Health Dynamics Corporation Health Clinic, Dragon’s Nest Cafe, Dragon’s Nest Restaurant, Empanada Nation, Jing Jing’s Balut, and Carinderia Hits.

However, retailers have shifted to kiosks or smaller shops with spaces averaging 32 to 59 square meters (sq.m.), from the usual cuts of 144 sq.m.

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